Posted by: Brianarmh | 9 February 2009

17 Days

So…. We went to see the house on Sunday. Its small… But I like it! The yard is the best part! its got a big deck, two big mature trees, its fenced, and it has flowerbeds! Yay! I can’t wait for spring so I can clean it up! I’m also super excited to hang my bird feeder and have some birdies around! We looked around for a little while and then left. I can’t wait to move! We wanted to look around the neighborhood a little bit, but we had Joel’s huge truck, and it was hard to get around, so we just gave up. We looked at a couple couches at Ikea, and then headed home!
I can’t wait to have a yard to work in! I’m so excited for the flowerbeds and stuff!
I can’t believe theres only 17 more days until we move! Which means only 10 more days of work! Tuesday to Friday this week, and Monday to Friday next week and then Monday the 23rd is my last day, to make up for taking today off! I can’t wait to be done this job! Yay no more Booster Juice! Not that I dislike Booster Juice, but I need a change. Plus I think the noisy blenders are damaging my hearing! I can’t wait for my fingernails to stop peeling and chipping all the time too! I’m not sure what I’ll do for work in Calgary, but I’ll find something! I can’t believe its only three more weeks! Crazy! I guess I need to get working on my packing a little more earnestly! Yay!
So… I had set up a comment program for my blog… It had some glitches, and now I’ve done some looking and found out that the program is basically a trial, and is a long way from working properly. So, for now no comments. I might look into a different program, but I might just wait for them to upgrade the program integrated with Rapidweaver.


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