Posted by: Brianarmh | 17 February 2009

9 Days!

Wow! Only 9 more days ‘til we are out of here! Thats crazy!
I got to see Kasandra and Sean’s new baby Hudson today. He is quite likely the CUTEST baby in the world! He is so tiny and has tons of cute black hair! He is the most adorable baby ever! He has dark skin like his mommy, so he already looks like he has a tan!
I thought about coming home and telling Joel I want a baby instead of a puppy, but I don’t think that would go over so well! 🙂
I went to see my friend Aggie today and say goodbye, she works at Clique Interiors, best store in Grande Prairie! I’m going to miss her quite a bit when we move! She has been a big role model for me in the last year and half of living here. She’s given me a ton of advice and definitely made me feel hopeful when I thought life was pretty crappy!
I have a few more people on my list to say good bye too. I never realized until now how many people I really am going to miss when I leave! I thought I hadn’t made any friends here, but I’ve made a few, and they’re all pretty good ones!
I can only hope I meet quality people in Calgary as well. Heres to new beginnings!


“Happiness must be grown in one’s own garden”



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