Posted by: Brianarmh | 26 February 2009

Worst Day EVER!

We definitely picked the worst possible day to move!

Its -49 after the windchill and my truck won’t start! My stupid block heater is messed up. First of all I couldn’t get the drivers door open. Joel tried, we tried together… Nothing. So I had to go climb through the snowbank I was parked against, open the passenger door about 4 inches, and try to squeeze in. That was fun. Wouldn’t start. Shoulder checked the drivers door open from the inside. We hooked it up to Joel’s truck with the cables for about 20 minutes, still nothing, its just too bloody cold. So finally we had to drag it out of the way with Joel’s truck so that the carpet guy could park his van in front of the house.

Stupid truck. This is the first time EVER that my truck won’t start and Joel’s started first try with no trouble. Since when does a diesel start in easier in -49 than a gas.

Anyway… Carpet guy is here now, and my parents will be here in an hour or two. So hopefully we can get this crap over with. Stupid weather stupid weather.



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