Posted by: Brianarmh | 6 March 2009

Long overdue…

Here are some pictures!

Not necessarily of the house, I still don’t have everything organized so that will be a bit yet.

Those are my friend Chanel’s Shiba Inu puppies. Can you tell I totally wanted to take the little black one home? She was so adorable! Not quite adorable enough for me to fork out $700 though!

And then all the frost on my front porch windows this morning. Well, actually its still all there, so it might just last all afternoon too.

And then my poor frozen spider and jade plants. I put them out in the porch two days ago when it was warm to get some sun. I watered the spider plant before I put it out. And then I forgot to bring them in. So needless to say, after -21 last night, I’m doubting they will make it. Especially the spider plant, its a solid dirt ice cube right now.

And then the super yummy cookies Carla sent us! Thanks Carla! Can you send me the recipe now? They are soooo yummy!


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