Posted by: Brianarmh | 13 March 2009

sunshiny day

so I’m sitting here in my backyard right now. On my deck. In the sun. In a hoodie and jeans… Gotta love NOT living in the great white north anymore! Everything is melty and sunny and warm!

anyway… heres some pics, since I know thats all anyone cares about anyway haha.


My grandpa… He wasn’t too keen about me taking pictures of him.

img_03062My view from my chair right now

img_03082Me and Turbo sitting in chairs… Except she has since gotten out of the chair, gingerly made her way along the top of the fence behind me, and jumped onto the neighbours garage. Good luck to her finding her way down. I’m not coming to her rescue because she’s gonna have to learn eventually.



  1. Awww, Bri , i love you and am soo excited for you guys to be back in Calgary. And i read your blog to see what goin on in yours guys life(and to look at pictures)

  2. Aww your Gramps looks awesome 🙂
    Ummm whats with the noose type dealio hanging from the tree?? Uhhhh I’m utterly morbid its a hanging flowerpot. I wish my cats were safe outside cats. Any way love reading about your days…we’ll come visit soon!!! Any news from school? freakish weekend news??

  3. Nope, no news about school yet. I called friday and they said a decision was made on thursday, so if I don’t have a letter in my hand by Tuesday, somebody’s head is going to roll…
    umm yeah… about that ugly noose in the tree…. I made Joel climb the tree yesterday and take it down, so ugly. yay for free hanging flower pots though.
    As our yard is melting today we’re discovering that its full of dog poops…. Awesome, thats going to be soooooo fun to clean up.

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