Posted by: Brianarmh | 21 March 2009

Dio’s First Day at Camp [lol]

So we are currently puppysitting Kirstin’s lab x puppy. He’s almost a year old, and he’s lots of fun, although he is kind of a big sissy. He’s interested but mostly petrified of Turbo. Which is good because she is not interested in him being anywhere near her.

Here’s some pics from Dio’s first day at Camp haha.

I apologize for the few blurry pics, they were just too cute to not include.



  1. Aww, he looks like hes having a great time! , I love your action shots ,I can never get a good pic of him cause as soon as he sees me he comes running , yeah hes a sissy baby. tell him i miss him , and the girls do too! Have fun , see you soon

  2. Aaww hes cute lol

    • Thanks Lydia, he is definitely a big adorable monster lol

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