Posted by: Brianarmh | 26 March 2009

Blah blah blah…

Well, the interviews went well. The Starbucks one today wasn’t much of an interview, more of a question and answer session. The girl I interviewed with was really cool, really helpful. She said they really really really really want to hire me, but that they can’t gaurantee me full time hours, and the shift supervisor pay is only like $10.75 an hour. It would be tough to make all my bills on $10.75 an hour even if I was working 40 hours a week.

Michaels offered me a front end supervisor position… Basically head cashier kind of deal. Also part time, $10 an hour… It would be some days, some nights, and every other weekend… So I’m not to keen on that one.

What I would really like, is to find something officey maybe, part time as well, that would have regular hours. Like 1-5 mon-fri or something. Then I could do the Starbucks in the morning, and the office job in the afternoon. I have an interview at Marks Work Wearhouse tomorrow at 1 pm, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking about taking resumes to some of the car dealerships around deerfoot meadows as well for a receptionist job.

anyhow… Thats about it.

I think Dio wishes our house wasn’t so boring. He can’t chase the cat ’cause he gets in trouble, theres no kids to play with, and we haven’t been going out into the yard to play with him much ’cause its been too cold. The high point of his day is going for walks twice a day. He absolutely detests going into his kennel, even though we’ve never left him in there for more than a couple of hours. So thats the worst part of his day is when I leave somewhere. This afternoon when we were walking some guy was sitting in a bus stop drinking beer. And I had pulled on Dio’s leash as I went by, because I didn’t want him to jump on the guy, and the guy goes “You have to understand he’s just a puppy.” I said “yah” and kept on walking. Thinking in my head “well, I was actually doing you a favour, so he wouldn’t jump all over you and make you mad. Also that puppies need rules just like chillens do.” Anyway, I kept walking. A minute or two later I heard someone whistle. And then when we got to the next street corner I looked around and the dude was following us! Needless to say we walked a little faster, and went a meandering long way home on all the absolute busiest streets. I looked back after we turned the corner a few streets up and didn’t see him anymore, but we still hoofed it for home as fast as possible, checking behind us all the time.

Flipping creeps. This is why I hate living in the city. Too many freaks. I kind of wish Dio was scary looking instead of so friendly haha. Maybe we’ll have to get a big scary dog.


  1. Starbucks cannot guarantee anyone hours at all right now – everyone at my store’s hours seem to get cut farther and farther back each week. 😦 So sad.
    I would love a job at Michael’s, just for the discount…

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