Posted by: Brianarmh | 9 April 2009

Yay for sunshine!

So its sunny here today! Yay! This week has been pretty good so far! The snow in the backyard is almost totally gone! Just the deep piles and the stuff in the shadows left to melt!
The front yard is still miles deep in snow, but that will take awhile because it barely gets any sun.

We emptied, scrubbed, filled and medicated the hot tub on Tuesday… So in like 32 hours its managed to get to just about 30 degrees celsius… Which is basically lukewarm. It climbed steadily in the first 18 hours, and then yesterday it stalled out at 25 degrees. Hopefully we can get it figured out soon, because it would be nice to use it!

I saw my first sparrow on my bird feeder today! I’m so excited! I can’t believe its taken them over a month to find it! I hope he brings all his other friends back with him! I didn’t get a picture because I wasn’t fast enough, but I took some other pictures anyway. I used my clothes line for the first time this morning šŸ™‚ I’m excited to have a clothesline, but it hangs pretty low, and theres a bush directly underheath its lowest point. So thats kind of annoying. I will probably trim the bush back a bit and see if its possible to tighten up the clotheline a bit.

Anyway, I better go get some more cleaning done, and then I’m off to work at Starbucks from 12-4. Training sucks lol. Not only is it boring, but they’re so busy that they don’t really have time to do much of the actual training stuff. So it really sucks. I hate learning this way too. I learn way better when I’m just thrown in and learn as I go. I don’t like reading and reading stuff for hours, its interesting, but I don’t really retain anything. In order to really learn something I have to watch someone else do it a few times, then try it myself. Thats how I learn.


Heres the pics… I’m off to clean stuff…





  1. I love clothesline. Mine fell down 3 times last year.Always with clean clothes on it.I’m gonna try again this year tho, I highly recommend you do your bedding tomorrow, best sheets you’ll ever have. Are yous guys staying in cowtown for easter or are you travelling?Come visit for a day if you can, Dio would love to see you.And us too, we like you guys too.

    • I’m not sure what we’re doing, I have to work on saturday from 130-530, but we might possibly head up to lacombe after that.
      My clothesline is so low I dunno if I could hang my sheets on it, but I might have to try. Maybe airdryed sheets would make Joel’s granite mattress not so bad lol

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