Posted by: Brianarmh | 4 May 2009

Ridiculous Post

haha, I make myself laugh with the pun in my title.

Anyway… On to the real story to explain my lame joke…

There was this huge post in our backyard that apparently the previous tenants had a dog tied to. We decided it was ugly, lame, and that we didn’t need it. So we took it out. Well, mostly Joel took it out. It was so ridiculously overkill. Any dog that needed a post that thick, with bolts that huge in it, would have ripped the entire post off the flimsy 2×4 on the deck. Anyway… here’s pics. I’d like to see the size of dog they had to need a post this nuts…

first a pic of tonka being all cute a lazy…









Man. Took forever to upload all these. What the heck is wrong with wordpress tonight.


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