Posted by: Brianarmh | 3 June 2009

Sunny Front Porch

At this exact moment I am sitting in my sunny front porch, enjoying the last few rays of beautiful summer sunshine! It’s amazing how nice weather and sunshine can make anything more bearable. I know its been a ridiculously long time since I updated. My apologies… I’ve been to busy starting a new job [Home Depot] and enjoying the weather!

First things first, I started a new job this past week, at Home Depot. So far its pretty good. Its still standing on my feet for 8 hours a day, but I’ll probably survive for the summer. My last day at starbucks was saturday the 30th of May. It was sad. I really liked the people there. So far the people at Home Depot seem pretty nice for the most part. I have a good supervisor/manager which makes it all good.

So, too make up for my long absence, I come bearing plenty of pictures! Yay! More pictures of Briana’s yard… Are you sick of it yet? No? Well just wait, you will be haha.
Here we go, starting from oldest to newest…

The ant trails and eggs under the rocks in mom’s rock bed… I know, gross eh?




And some of my violets 🙂


My Hen & Chicks



These next couple are from when Joel and I went out to the Old Banff Coach Road the other night. This first one is kinda cool, however I wish I had sped up the shutter speed a tiny bit so you could see the figure a little more. It was this old East Indian man, in his whole white sheik outfit, he was walking very swiftly up this path with his arms swinging.


The rest from this trip are pretty self explanatory… Again I was messing around with shutter speed and aperture all night, so that’s why they all have a little motion blur.



Also these weren’t cropped or enhanced like the should have been.


So this is what the yard looks like as of this evening. I’m glad I’ve been taking pictures of it every week. Now when I go out and look and wonder if the lawn is every going to fill in, I can go back and look at pictures of it from April and realize it has filled in a lot, and I will fill in even more… I’m really not good with the whole patience thing.


My Beautiful Bleeding Hearts! I love these! I’m so excited to have too huge profusely blooming specimens in my back yard! I remember my Grandma always having Bleeding Hearts when I was growing up. I also remember picking the dainty little hearts and pulling them apart piece by piece, I was so enthralled by how many intricate individual little parts they had!


And this is my I-don’t-have-a-clue-what-kind-of-shrub-this-is bush. Rob [Joel’s Dad] thought it was a Lilac when he was here in April. Maybe it is a Lilac. I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t seem to be blooming like all the other Lilacs around here.


And last but not least, my new watch that I bought on Monday. I wrecked my other one a few weeks ago. I was putting off getting a new one until I got paid from Home Depot, but then I worked at Home Depot. And turns out the tills don’t display the time, and you are not allowed to have your cellphone in your pocket. So I bit the bullet and bought one. I originally wanted it in black or brown, but when I went to the store they only had it in white and brown. The brown one cost $20 more than the white one… Yeah I know, I’m wondering why too. The only difference is the colour so far as I know. Anyway, I got the white one and so far I’m loving it. We’ll see how long I can keep it white haha.


Anyway… Thats about all I got! We’re going camping this coming weekend, so hopefully I will have lots of good pictures from that!




  1. -haha- loving the descriptions of everything && YAAAAY FOR BLEEDING HEARTS!! seriously gorgeous =) & I’m glad that Home Depot is good so far 🙂 but mmmmmm Starbucks *sigh* lol

    I can’t wait to see you! …whenever that is :/

    ❤ Antonia

  2. yep, lilacs.cause they are purple.and i have a whack in my yard that looks the same. Sooooo…. do ya get discounts at home depot….. you do have a sisterinlaw-ish who is doin a bunch of house renos….where abouts are yous guys camping, I thinks its finally warm enough for me to pack up my gongshow and tent it up somewhere, we should camp it up sometime this summer.and tell joel his hands look like a dead persons in your last post.G-ross.Loves!

  3. Like the watch. And I agree that they must be lilacs. Probably just late blooming or something.

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