Posted by: Brianarmh | 11 September 2009

Sitting at school…

So its my second day of class. So far its going good. All my profs seem to be pretty awesome. Every time I go into a class I keep thinking “oh this is totally going to be my favourite class.” And then I get the same feeling about the next one. They all seem like they’re going to be awesome, and I’m starting to think I’m gonna have a hard time choosing between an Anthropology major and an English minor, or an English major with an Anthropology minor.

I just got out of my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class, the Prof is awesome. She is funny and she doesn’t believe in handing out term papers to first years… So that’s one class so far that I don’t have to write papers in. Awesome! Also she’s been the most accommodating so far about missing class next week for Carlyn’s wedding.
I have Intro to Linguistic Anthropology next, at 1 pm. We’ll see how that goes. I have all really good classes this semester.

I hope I’m not going to regret taking all the fun classes in one semester. I might end up wishing I’d left one fun class for second semester. Oh well.

I spent my whole first hour break reading The Wind in the Willows in the sun outside the EB building. And now I’m sitting here typing away on this… Not sure this is the most effective way to make friends, but at the same time I think its a good idea to make friends with the people in my classes so I have people to take notes if I miss a day. The problem with making friends with randoms is that you never seem them again because you don’t have any classses with them.

After my next class, I’ve been invited by Dr. Julie Cormack to come have a look at the Archeology lab and see what they’re doing there. That should be pretty cool.

Tonight I’m getting my hair colored, tomorrow I’m going to Spruce Meadows! Yay for horses 🙂

Anyway, here’s a pic of where I am right now since I’m bored!

Photo 237


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