Posted by: Brianarmh | 16 September 2009

ooh loookie…

I’m making this a regular occurrence now! Who would have thought that Briana would actually start blogging regularly! Well guess what, having a normal routine does that for a person! It gives me a slot of time 3 days a week where I can make it a habit to update my blog!

Anyway… I just ran into Tanya, a friend from Starbucks, at school. We chatted a bunch about school. Yay for knowing people! lol

I have decided that M-W-F classes are the best ones I have, and probably the best class I have is Intro to Cultural Anthropology, the teacher is so awesome and accommodating! Even though I won’t be in class on friday, I will still get credit for it, because the “assignment” is a scavenger hunt around campus, and I can do it any day next week!

Cultural Anth and Linguistic Anth are definitely my top two classes. Profs are awesome, and the topics are super exciting too!

Anyway, my Linguistic Anth class is about to start in like 10 minutes so I’m going to end it here with a pic… This is me sitting in my Linguistic Anth class with my Starbucks London Fog because I am having trouble staying awake! [on a side note: So far I have not fallen asleep in any of my classes! Thats gotta be a record! Go Me!]

Photo 244

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