Posted by: Brianarmh | 23 September 2009

Too early

I’m super early for school today. Its funny how quickly I can get ready and out of the house when Joel isn’t home. However I’d still rather have him home and be rushing around than have him gone. I thought the buses would be crowded today because its national car pool day or something… Anyway, your supposed to do something other than drive to work today. Car pool, take the bus, walk, ride your bike.

Anyway, the bus actually wasn’t full. But thats probably because I got on the 8 am one instead of the usual 8:30.

I’m super tired. I don’t think I slept well last night. I’m so tired today, and my back hurts.
Joel should be home tonight so thats something to look forward to, even though I work til 1030. I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow, instead of getting up at 7 like yesterday. I suppose I should post some pictures of our trip to Banff on the weekend…


Hayley and the view of Banff from Mt. Norquay


The amazing windows and king bed in our amazing hotel room


The ravens that were eyeing up Tom and Hayley’s hotel room


Tom and Hayley on the bike

IMG_5280Me and Joel on the bike


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