Posted by: Brianarmh | 2 October 2009

just for the sake of content….

I’ll blog just for the sake of blogging today. Since I haven’t done anyting all week…

But since I don’t have much to say I’ll mostly make this a 3bt entry.

1. Starting the new job at Booster Juice this week, its good to be back, its easy, its slow, its so much less stress than Home Depot was.

2. Speaking of Home Depot, I had my last shift on wednesday night. I’m so glad I’m done. Sure I miss some of the people, but theres like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

3. Its friday, I’m going to my last class in an hour, and then I have 2 whole days off!

4. I got my house totally cleaned the other day! Top to bottom! It feels much butter!

5. I made a friend in my english class who just so happens to live just up the street from me! Cool!

6. Its sunny today! Yay.

7. I’m getting a dog this afternoon! One of the ladies from Chinook Winds is bringing me a little black 5 year greyhound named [for now] Mindy. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been looking at pictures and reading all the threads I can over at Greytalk for the past couple days!

8. Probably going to go up to Lacombe and see my family this weekend, so thats pretty cool.

9. I managed to fit myself into my skinny jeans the other day, which is a pretty huge accomplishment in itself!

10. Actually being able to figure out spots in my house for all my plants that need to come inside for the winter! Woohoo!

[on a side note, I hate people that smoke in non-designated smoking areas… AKA the old lady sitting at the table across from me on the quad smoking and the wind is blowing it all in my face… Lovely.]

anyway, heres a picture, thats the main school building behind me.

Photo 250

and heres another one for good measure

11. Joel should be coming home in a couple days! I can’t wait to see him 🙂



  1. UHhh… what does 3 bt mean?Hows the dog workin out, she very pretty. And you should do some family pics for me, I’d even pay you, cause you do take smoe nice pics, and i have none of my family, which is kinda bad mommish. hearts

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