Posted by: Brianarmh | 7 December 2009

Race segregated schools…

So we were having a discussion in class today about schools that have been started for specific races of people. The main examples were Black schools in Toronto, and First Nations schools in Edmonton.
What do you think about the issue?
I think if a school is specifically segregated by race, it does foster racism. I think its one thing to have a religious school, generally they will accept anyone, but just aim their curriculum around their religion.
I think it is definitely racist if a school turns away a student if they aren’t “black enough”.
One student said she thinks its fine if it makes the students more comfortable, but I disagree on the point that when they get out into the real world its not going to be segregated.
If you operate a school in a predominantly black neighborhood, but accept anyone, its okay. If you have one white kid who grew up in the neighborhood and knows all the kids, and then has to go to school in another neighborhood how do you think he’s going to feel? I gaurantee he’d be more comfortable in the black school even if he is the only white kid.
I’m all for gearing your curriculum towards your culture or religion, but by splitting it by colour is definitely racist in my opinion.
What are your thoughts?


  1. I think any kind of elitism fosters negative societal consequences. Be it racially segregated schools, or jobs offering preference to minoritys or specific races, these things create resentment towards a group of people based on something they cannot control such as race or gender.While it could be argued that these schools serve a purpose in that they are culturally relevant in their curriculums towards their students, it could be said that as Canadians , all schols are culturally relevant.I think promoting our differences does not serve any purpose other than to feed into our often narcissistic world views that we are the most important, or right, and e veryone else is less important/wrong.Remember when the anti rascism slogan was something about how under our skins we are all the same? when did that dissappear in favor of treat me special cause i look different than you white folk? there are lots of differently segregated schools in Canada, based on religion, lineage, inteligence etc. the difference is that these schools are privately funded, not publically like the racially segregated schools. that is what bugs me the most, i think. our current political climate i Canada is one that is going to foster every ism under the sun until our politicians step up and say no more, if you want to live here this is how we do things. we welcome your presence, and your diverse cultural background is what makes this country great, however, it does not warrant you have special treatment, we don’t owe you any kind of financial backing , and as a citizen , your duty is to come to the table ready and willing to be a part of the greater system on the same footing as everyone else.Until we can get over our like-me-itis, our country and society will continue to be divided along such ridiculous lines as race, religion , and personal beliefs.

    • I totally agree with you, its crazy. I’m blown away by some of the opinions I’ve come across in my classmates.

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