Stuff & Things

So… I’m 22, for a few more months.

I live in Calgary now, instead of Grande Prairie. To tell you the truth I kind of miss the smalltownishness of GP, and some of the people, but otherwise I’m good here.

I applied for school to Mount Royal College for September ’09, unfortunately after almost 4 months of anxious waiting they put me on a waitlist… I have no idea where I am on this waitlist so who knows… I could get a letter later this year saying I have been accepted… And the waiting game continues…

I have a cat. Her name is Turbo. I am quite certain that she is actually evil and also goes by the name Devil Incarnate. Both Joel and I usually have multiple fresh battle scars from her.

See, she doesn’t always look evil, lots of times she just looks dumb…


Oh yeah, Joel. He’s this guy I’ve been kinda seeing for 966 days, 22 hours, 43 minutes, 57 seconds. I like him… Kind of a lot. A LOT lot because I even do his laundry and his dishes…

Heres us like forever ago…


And heres us for christmas for 08, I swears we tooks those hats to Maui in May and planned this picture. We absolutely did not photoshop them in. I mean c’mon, don’t those shadows look reals to you?… Oh… They don’t? Really? Huh… well… Okay maybe we photoshopped them a little… just a little bit though.


As of this exact moment I am unemployed. It was nice for the first two weeks. Now its getting boring… And I’m getting poor. So much for everyone who said I’d have an easy time finding a job… I wish.

Anyway, thats pretty much all there is to know about me. All the fluff anyway. The nitty gritty is not so pretty…. Haha I rhymed.

Enjoy my blog. Read it religiously. LEAVE COMMENTS RELIGIOUSLY! I live for comments… And cheese.

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