Posted by: Brianarmh | 7 December 2009

DePhoMo #5, #6, #7

#5 Shine

#6 Beauty

#7 Nature

Natural Hunt and kill instinct: Turbo has it.Natural Hunt and kill instinct: Turbo has it.

Catching your own pass skillz: Turbo has them

Amazing Feline Levitation Skillz +muscle point bonus: Turbo has them too.

Posted by: Brianarmh | 7 December 2009

Race segregated schools…

So we were having a discussion in class today about schools that have been started for specific races of people. The main examples were Black schools in Toronto, and First Nations schools in Edmonton.
What do you think about the issue?
I think if a school is specifically segregated by race, it does foster racism. I think its one thing to have a religious school, generally they will accept anyone, but just aim their curriculum around their religion.
I think it is definitely racist if a school turns away a student if they aren’t “black enough”.
One student said she thinks its fine if it makes the students more comfortable, but I disagree on the point that when they get out into the real world its not going to be segregated.
If you operate a school in a predominantly black neighborhood, but accept anyone, its okay. If you have one white kid who grew up in the neighborhood and knows all the kids, and then has to go to school in another neighborhood how do you think he’s going to feel? I gaurantee he’d be more comfortable in the black school even if he is the only white kid.
I’m all for gearing your curriculum towards your culture or religion, but by splitting it by colour is definitely racist in my opinion.
What are your thoughts?

Posted by: Brianarmh | 4 December 2009

DePhoMo #4

Turbo’s message to the world today: “I HATE you!”

Posted by: Brianarmh | 3 December 2009

DePhoMo #2 and #3

I’m not doing very good at posting these over here.

heres number 2… “Light”

and number 3… something i pass everyday but don’t really look at.

Posted by: Brianarmh | 1 December 2009

DePhoMo 2009

So I’ve decided to attempt DePhoMo 2oo9. We’ll see if I can actually accomplish it. Anyway, the prompt for today is Texture. So here is my example of texture…

Posted by: Brianarmh | 27 November 2009

Whats going on?

Okay… So for awhile I wasn’t bothering with the blog ’cause I was sick, but I’ve been better for weeks now, so I really have no excuse anymore. So here’s a little peak into my life right now…

I’m in the last few weeks of class of fall ’09 semester. I dropped my Linguistic Anth class ’cause I just don’t get it.
Christmas is a few short weeks away, that is crazy, where did the year go? I can’t believe we have been living in Calgary for 9 months already…

Anyway, I know everyone only comes here for pics, and since they take 18.73 years to upload on the MRU wireless I’ll just get to it. Also I lost my train of thought and forgot what I was going to write about lol

The bunny enjoying his nap outside the library window by my feet right now…

Saw these adorable puppies at the pet store the other day. Italian greyhound x Boston Terrier… So adorable… Indy needs a brother for christmas right?

Periscope Cat

Intense Chinook, was seriously like huge black clouds in the chinook, covering half the city, and then the most brilliant light and clear sky on the other side… This pic doesn’t really do it justice…

And we’ll end with the best picture of the week. Morning Light on the EB building on Monday morning…

Also I’m going to attempt to participate in DePhoMo again this year…

DePhoMo is December Photo Month and the idea is to take and post one picture every day for one month. We’ll see how it goes this year, I’m usually good up until the week of christmas and then I get distracted.

Posted by: Brianarmh | 5 November 2009

Couch Dog

Finally got Indy up on the couch today.

Photo 268

Photo 269

In other news I’ve been dying all week with what was probably Swine Flu and has now turned into a full on cold with all the extra features… Woo hoo…

Posted by: Brianarmh | 21 October 2009


I definitely need mittens, if for no other reason but to carry my cold Starbucks beverages across campus every morning…

Photo 264

I want these ones…

Posted by: Brianarmh | 19 October 2009

Intense midterms, procrastination, and time management

I can’t believe we’re over halfway through October already! That is nuts, where is my semester going! Registration for winter semester is already open, which means before I know it I’ll be starting new classes with new professors again! Its already Mid-terms week!

I had one and a half last week, one and a half today, and two more this week. This morning I had my Communities & Societies midterm. This is my glorified social studies class. The midterm was intense! 53 short answer and T/F questions, 3 short answer questions, and a 3-4 page essay, all in 50 minutes!

I’ve somehow developed this skill of reading and writing super fast under pressure. So I managed to finish all of it. However, if I had been given ten more minutes my essay would have been exponentially better. I know there was quite a few people who didn’t finish their essays, and some who barely got started at all. The guy next to me only got one paragraph done! I think 50 minutes is a little bit short for that much to do! The worst thing is that people who didn’t get much of an essay done will get marked lower, and its not because they may not have the knowledge, but because they didn’t have enough time to get it down on paper!

My second midterm, or half a midterm, in Intro to Cultural Anthropology went much better. However in the hour before I had a minor panic attack when I realized there was an “essay question” posted on blackboard about a topic I was pretty sure we hadn’t covered in class. So I sat there stressing and cramming about this topic I’d never heard of for half an hour before I realized that the website said “FINAL exam essay question”… Briana clearly has a problem with reading entire sentences and paying attention. So I wasted half an hour studying for something I don’t need to know about for two more months. LAME! Anyway, I did study the stuff I needed to know for the rest of the time, and I did okay on midterm I think. She split the test up over two days for us, one day last week for multiple choice questions, and today for short answer. It is way less stressful and easier to study that way. And she gave us 3 different topics we had to write about for short answer questions, and then there was three questions in each of those topics, and we had to pick and answer two of them for each topic. She is an awesome professor!

I have my Intro to Linguistic Anthropology midterm on Wednesday, and I think my Critical Reading and Writing [AKA English] midterm is on Thursday. I have a paper due in that class on Tuesday. I’m having trouble with this because I picked a difficult topic. The point of the whole thing is to pick a purchase of some sort that you feel is wrong ethically or morally. I couldn’t think of anything, and I ended up choosing magazines, then switching to natural gas, and now I can’t find anything about how natural gas use is bad for the environment. So I’m hoping she will be okay with me switching again, this time to water. I think it will be easier to find information about how bad it is to waste water, and what you can do to minimize water consumption. On Tuesday I have to hand in a 2-3 page paper, with two sources, of how I feel this topic compromises my morals and ethics. I think it should be easier to write about water usage than natural gas. We are using up the fresh water on our little planet at an unprecedented rate, and what are we going to do when we run out?

To top off the procrastination and time management topics… I am really bad at time management, therefore I procrastinate a lot. These are things I need to improve on so that my college career, and life in general, is not so stressful! I’m sort of working on it… Sort of. Like I’ve given myself a time-limit to produce this blog entry, and after that I have to do some more research for my paper. Go me, I’m finishing this up early, and I will have a couple minutes to eat and relax before I have to start studying!

Maybe I should make the main topic of my blog time management and try to write about my efforts on that every day/week?

Just a thought since I’m trying to create some goals for my blogging career. Anyway, here’s a pic over my shoulder as I’m writing this… No more snow! Yay!

Photo 261

Posted by: Brianarmh | 14 October 2009

Snow day…

I know I should be studying…
but i just had to note this…

It is snowing… Its been snowing for like a week. They keep saying its going to be like plus 18 again in a few days, but I’m starting to think they’re just trying to be optimistic because they keep changing the forecast and dropping the temps…

Anyway… I was late getting going this morning cuz I forgot that I needed to shovel the sidewalk, so I drove to school, and paid $10 for parking for the day… and now it begins…

My first Prof was half an hour late for class…

My second prof emailed early this morning to say she was cancelling class…

Then I got an email that says my 3rd prof is also cancelling class…

SO I paid for parking all day to attend class for 20 minutes…

I’m kind of annoyed, but I guess at the same time now that I’m here I might as well suck it up and do some research for my term papers or something…

Also I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of winter and this snow is not going to be going anywhere… Which is lame cuz I was hoping to have one more decent day to finish cleaning out my flower beds…. STUPID winter!

This is the view over my shoulder from where I’m sitting.
Photo 259

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