Posted by: Brianarmh | 14 October 2009

Indy’s breakfast…

This is how Indy ate breakfast today… She is not a morning dog…
Photo 252

Posted by: Brianarmh | 5 October 2009

Acceptance theories

So last week in my Intro.  to Cultural Anthropology class we watched some videos about some anthropological field work with some Amazonian tribes.

Today our instructor showed us some of the comments she has received from students in the past about these videos.

There was an extreme underlying theme of surprise, intolerance, and “ethnocentrism.” [Sorry I just had to use the new word lol. It means believing that your culture is best and everyone else’s culture is wrong]

It was shocking to me just narrow of a world view there is. I didn’t think it was that extreme, but apparently it is. Some of the things previous students said about the videos blows my mind, makes you realize that this person probably has never even considered the fact that there are other cultures and that maybe they do things differently.

This is a generalization, but I’ve always kind of had the idea that a lot of people who are so intolerant are staunchly religious. But this is obviously not true.

It seems crazy to me that people can still be like this when there is such an overload of information out there to be had. There’s so many shows on television about travel and culture; Word Travels, Departures, Long Way Round, etc. Even sitcoms and cooking shows deal with different cultures on a regular basis!

Sometimes its just plain naivety about the world, and people just have never been exposed to anything like this. However when you’ve been exposed to it, and you’ve had access to the information, why would you still choose to be ethnocentric and ignorant about the rest of the world?

Canada is supposedly a “melting pot” of culture, and there is still people like this. It makes me wonder about other countries (*coughUScough*) that are not so tolerant of other cultures, and how much more common these views might be.

There were lots of comments about people just being surprised by all the nudity, or the drugs, or the emphasis on warfare. But there were also so many people outright saying it many of these things are “wrong” and that the people are “primitive” and “savage.” It’s crazy to me that people are so set in their way that they can not even accept another culture for how they live.
It makes me wonder if the same people aren’t accepting of the people they know? I know I personally have trouble accepting people just for who they are, but I try. It makes me wonder if people with these opinions don’t even try to be accepting of any others? Do they even give people a chance? How can you possibly make friends if you aren’t willing to accept someone who does something slightly different from you? Is there really enough people around that do everything the same way you do that you never have to branch out and learn about new ideas? Isn’t acceptance a huge part of learning? How can you learn without accepting and trying to understand differences regardless of your preferences?

What are your experiences with acceptance issues?

edit: heres another question, why do some people want to raise their children to be have such a narrow view of the world, wouldn’t you want your child to learn and gain knowledge? Why would you voluntarily limit their access to information which could help them be a better global citizen?

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just for the sake of content….

I’ll blog just for the sake of blogging today. Since I haven’t done anyting all week…

But since I don’t have much to say I’ll mostly make this a 3bt entry.

1. Starting the new job at Booster Juice this week, its good to be back, its easy, its slow, its so much less stress than Home Depot was.

2. Speaking of Home Depot, I had my last shift on wednesday night. I’m so glad I’m done. Sure I miss some of the people, but theres like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

3. Its friday, I’m going to my last class in an hour, and then I have 2 whole days off!

4. I got my house totally cleaned the other day! Top to bottom! It feels much butter!

5. I made a friend in my english class who just so happens to live just up the street from me! Cool!

6. Its sunny today! Yay.

7. I’m getting a dog this afternoon! One of the ladies from Chinook Winds is bringing me a little black 5 year greyhound named [for now] Mindy. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been looking at pictures and reading all the threads I can over at Greytalk for the past couple days!

8. Probably going to go up to Lacombe and see my family this weekend, so thats pretty cool.

9. I managed to fit myself into my skinny jeans the other day, which is a pretty huge accomplishment in itself!

10. Actually being able to figure out spots in my house for all my plants that need to come inside for the winter! Woohoo!

[on a side note, I hate people that smoke in non-designated smoking areas… AKA the old lady sitting at the table across from me on the quad smoking and the wind is blowing it all in my face… Lovely.]

anyway, heres a picture, thats the main school building behind me.

Photo 250

and heres another one for good measure

11. Joel should be coming home in a couple days! I can’t wait to see him 🙂

Posted by: Brianarmh | 30 September 2009


1. so many pretty yellow leaves everywhere on the ground on the streets.

2. movies in both classes, no homework last night, no assignments today (yet.)

3. lots of parking spots when I had to drive to school ’cause I was late.

4. meeting a new dog on friday 🙂

Photo 246

not today… but whatever… aren’t you glad theres something to look at atleast?

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Too early

I’m super early for school today. Its funny how quickly I can get ready and out of the house when Joel isn’t home. However I’d still rather have him home and be rushing around than have him gone. I thought the buses would be crowded today because its national car pool day or something… Anyway, your supposed to do something other than drive to work today. Car pool, take the bus, walk, ride your bike.

Anyway, the bus actually wasn’t full. But thats probably because I got on the 8 am one instead of the usual 8:30.

I’m super tired. I don’t think I slept well last night. I’m so tired today, and my back hurts.
Joel should be home tonight so thats something to look forward to, even though I work til 1030. I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow, instead of getting up at 7 like yesterday. I suppose I should post some pictures of our trip to Banff on the weekend…


Hayley and the view of Banff from Mt. Norquay


The amazing windows and king bed in our amazing hotel room


The ravens that were eyeing up Tom and Hayley’s hotel room


Tom and Hayley on the bike

IMG_5280Me and Joel on the bike

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ooh loookie…

I’m making this a regular occurrence now! Who would have thought that Briana would actually start blogging regularly! Well guess what, having a normal routine does that for a person! It gives me a slot of time 3 days a week where I can make it a habit to update my blog!

Anyway… I just ran into Tanya, a friend from Starbucks, at school. We chatted a bunch about school. Yay for knowing people! lol

I have decided that M-W-F classes are the best ones I have, and probably the best class I have is Intro to Cultural Anthropology, the teacher is so awesome and accommodating! Even though I won’t be in class on friday, I will still get credit for it, because the “assignment” is a scavenger hunt around campus, and I can do it any day next week!

Cultural Anth and Linguistic Anth are definitely my top two classes. Profs are awesome, and the topics are super exciting too!

Anyway, my Linguistic Anth class is about to start in like 10 minutes so I’m going to end it here with a pic… This is me sitting in my Linguistic Anth class with my Starbucks London Fog because I am having trouble staying awake! [on a side note: So far I have not fallen asleep in any of my classes! Thats gotta be a record! Go Me!]

Photo 244

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Weekends off are awesome!

So here’s me blogging from school again….

I didn’t work on the weekend, and that was awesome! On Saturday I dragged Joel to Spruce Meadows which was quite fabulous. I haven’t been for a few years so it was good to go! We met up with Nicky and Nik from Lacombe, hung out with them for awhile. We took lots of pics… Both Joel and I, so I’m not going to claim all the credit if I put up a particularly fabulous picture, because it is quite likely Joel shot it.

Saturday afternoon my parents and sister came down. We went out for supper at The Cheesecake Cafe. We sampled 3 different cheesecakes, my favourite was the French Apple one. Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures of it, however I intend to attempt to recreate it and will take pictures of mine.

Today I am back to classes which have been good so far.

Besides that I’m fighting with student loans, I forgot my bus pass at home, and my cell phone battery is dead…

C’est la vie… Atleast I don’t have anywhere to be after school so its not a big deal if it takes me 2 hours to walk home [it shouldn’t, but I am a dawdler…]

Anyway… I have my first appointment with a therapist this afternoon, so we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, here are some pics from Spruce meadows for your entertainment….






Just a disclaimer here… the next couple pics are of a fairly spectacular wipe out… I wouldn’t post them if the horse or rider had been injured, but they both got up immediately after and walked away unscathed.





And last but not least… The legend himself, Ian Miller…


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Sitting at school…

So its my second day of class. So far its going good. All my profs seem to be pretty awesome. Every time I go into a class I keep thinking “oh this is totally going to be my favourite class.” And then I get the same feeling about the next one. They all seem like they’re going to be awesome, and I’m starting to think I’m gonna have a hard time choosing between an Anthropology major and an English minor, or an English major with an Anthropology minor.

I just got out of my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class, the Prof is awesome. She is funny and she doesn’t believe in handing out term papers to first years… So that’s one class so far that I don’t have to write papers in. Awesome! Also she’s been the most accommodating so far about missing class next week for Carlyn’s wedding.
I have Intro to Linguistic Anthropology next, at 1 pm. We’ll see how that goes. I have all really good classes this semester.

I hope I’m not going to regret taking all the fun classes in one semester. I might end up wishing I’d left one fun class for second semester. Oh well.

I spent my whole first hour break reading The Wind in the Willows in the sun outside the EB building. And now I’m sitting here typing away on this… Not sure this is the most effective way to make friends, but at the same time I think its a good idea to make friends with the people in my classes so I have people to take notes if I miss a day. The problem with making friends with randoms is that you never seem them again because you don’t have any classses with them.

After my next class, I’ve been invited by Dr. Julie Cormack to come have a look at the Archeology lab and see what they’re doing there. That should be pretty cool.

Tonight I’m getting my hair colored, tomorrow I’m going to Spruce Meadows! Yay for horses 🙂

Anyway, here’s a pic of where I am right now since I’m bored!

Photo 237


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I had my first day of Orientation for school today! The morning was kind of a random mess, but I did make a friend so thats always good right?
Anyway, after the morning I was debating whether or not to even go to the afternoon portion. I’m so glad I did decide to go because it was awesome!
I’m so glad I got into Anthropology this year! All the presentations by the professors were so interesting! They were all so passionate about their projects!
I never even felt like falling asleep, even after hardly any sleep last night!
Anyway, I’m super excited to start classes on Thursday! 🙂
Also wicked news, MRC is now MRU.
So I will be graduating with a University degree, not just a college degree 😀

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One of the most beautiful things ever…
Waking up and first view out the window is tiny, brilliant green leaves spinning and twirling in the wind, flashing reflections of sunlight.

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